Vimar Products in Lebanon

It is no wonder that Harb Electric only chooses
the best for its customers and introduces
reliable brands which have ensured a strong
presence in the market for decades such as, has been working
with passion and a desire to innovate; for them
light is energy, heat, life.

A background that started in the immediate
postwar period, at Marostica, and now all over
the world. Vimar is the mark of reference in
electrical supplies for the residential sector,
with a great reputation with the end user and
distribution on the whole national territory.

Harb Electric is confident to display brands
such as Vimar which is a world leader in
electrical supplies for ships and pleasure boats.
This confirms the quality of production that
is subject in this sector to particularly harsh
environmental and working conditions, without
forgetting the best in terms of design.

We – Harb Electric – are proud to be its
sole agent in Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq, Angola,
Congo & Nigeria where Vimar continues
manufacturing at Marostica till today,
because it believes in the made-in-Italy style,
combining aesthetical quality, technological
innovation and simple installation.

Wiring Devices

With this wide selection of wiring devices, our
customers can enjoy an unparalleled shopping
experience that will fulfill all of their needs and

Eikon four-dimensional luxury and technology

Discover Eikon, technology and design for
those who want to turn the lighting device into
a real element of interior design


Eikon Tactil

Touch the smooth bright surface of the glass
and linger for a moment on the precious glow
of the crystal finishing. A simple gesture, which
this sophisticated touch technology transforms
into direct energy control.

Eikon Exe

A new definition of style and a new concept of
luxury, to create an electric system in line with
the latest interior design trends.

Eikon Evo

Charming, sophisticated and exclusive. Eikon Evo
captures and enhances its essence in a unique
and personal way, offering different ways of living
and interpreting luxury even in an electric system.
Primary, exclusive, sculpted, natural, luminous,
sophisticated, special: seven different styles for
seven different precious materials: Anodized
aluminum, laminated aluminum, processed
stone, solid wood, crystal, natural leather, corian.


Energy that lives in your time.
Arké Classic: Rational shape, linear profile
and clean corners.
Arké Round: Sinuous surface, slightly curved
with soft corners.


Plana, an essential and rigorous design, yet
pleasing and sinuous. With Plana, simplicity becomes
a lifestyle.

Plana Plate: an iconic shape, with slightly
rounded edges for a smooth effect on the
wall. Plana, also in Antibacterial version,
perfectly integrates in these environments
with solution designed to reassure patients
and facilities medical staff.

New Plana Square plate: a rigorous squared
shape, for a more rational taste, in line with
contemporary minimal design.

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