Electrical appliances Founder Chawki Hussein Harb
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Founder’s Letter
Chawki Hussein Harb

When we first started out, Harb Electric was a family business. Although the players have changed throughout the years, I felt it nevertheless important to preserve our family spirit. With that, we grew to become an enterprise with various offices and locations and our employees still harvest the Harb family values. That’s something that really comes out in the way we do business and how we communicate with our clients by always putting them first.
Thanks to our team, Harb Electric was able to become an internationally renowned company with a substantial portfolio of clients that have solicited us for projects in Lebanon and in the rest of the MENA region. Our brands and products include a worldwide selection of electrical and mechanical products, not to mention a broad array of lighting solutions.
Today, I’m proud to say that Harb Electric has acquired a competitive edge that differentiates it from others in the industry; be it because of its brands, products, variety, work ethics, expertise and innovative practices, among many more of the company’s unique differentiators.
However, being proud of what we have achieved doesn’t affect our will and motivation to keep reinventing ourselves. With that, we hope to keep improving our repertoire of products and services to exceed our clients’ expectations and affirm our position as one of the leading companies in the industry.
With that, I leave you with a promise; a promise to keep providing you with a breadth of options, to accompany all of your choices with the sharpest assessments and consultations and to never stop searching for the latest innovations. With this promise, we hope to supply you with the finest selection of products, complimented by our stellar quality of service that will make you see each day in a different light.