Solar Batteries in Lebanon

The latest offering from the house of Amara Raja to provide power backup solutions for any type of solar power systems. Amaron Solar available in both SMF & Tubular variants.


Amaron Solar Tubular Battery

uniquely built Amaron Solar Tubular Batteries has covered all aspects in design. required to give high life beside to ensure fast charge with high efficiency and best in class went design making it a perfect choice for high cyclic back-up requirement.

  • Hi-coerceTM spine cast High pressure spine casting (> 100 bar) provides uni- directional grains orientation with micro hardness extradite superior life
  • Bountiful BossTM Allows rapid charge & delivers high power. Optimized current dense & higher conductivity leading to last long
  • Panoptic Spine- Mitigates corrosion prone zone, provides high life — Really long


Amaron Solar SMF Battery

Presenting Amaron Solar, the industrial segment SMF Battery for solar applications which is built to perform. Sensing the need of enduring and reliable source of solar power, Amara Raja offers the complete range of batteries for solar systems available in the market.

  • Suitable for PSOC and deep discharge
  • Unique heavy duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids to increase cyclic life in tropical environments
  • Radgrid™ profile providing lower internal resistance and performance
  • Instacharge™, A pateneted paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance
  • Higher AH and WH Efficiency