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In 1970, Harb Electric’s founding father Chawki Harb set up his shop in Downtown Beirut. With just 20 employees, a passion for innovation and a dream of expansion, Chawki later on Chawki and Adnan Harb worked on bringing the best of international electrical brands and other household appliances to Beirut. By doing so, he aimed to contribute to the country’s advancement and integration into the universe of the latest state-of-the-art technology.

In 1996, Harb Electric started acquiring a range of sister companies in the MENA region, along with the distribution rights for some of the world’s most renowned brands such as General Electric, ABB, Vimar, Vortice and Saer, among dozens more of the leading names and products in the industry.

Today, Harb Electric sal has grown almost 8 times in infrastructure and employee count. It also successfully acquired and maintained a majority of the market share in Lebanon. The company caters to all the corners of the country. In addition, it extends its products and services to the country’s major resellers and other large clients. Not only does it currently employ over 500 employees in its various departments, but its electrical and mechanical portfolios have also grown to contain over 33 brands and hundreds of products. Moreover, Harb also houses over 37 brands that specialize in lighting. It supplies an array of choices to meet the different needs, requirements and individual preferences of all of its customers.

Aside from growing the business, as a visionary driven by innovation, Chawki Harb has also been investing a portion of the company’s resources on seminars, conferences and workshops geared towards updating local companies, businesses & working professionals such as engineers and consultants on the ever-changing world of lighting, electricity and technology. On that note, Harb Electric participates and sometimes hosts bi-yearly conferences and seminars to introduce the latest product innovations, cover the recent releases, build awareness and educate professionals on how to ensure a more efficient, result-based outcome in their work place.

That being said, Harb Electric remains on the constant lookout for new opportunities and groundbreaking innovations. Driven by growth, it also believes in creating new opportunities through fruitful collaborations between its strong network of professionals from across various fields and industries. By doing so, Harb Electric hopes to gradually keep paving the way for an even brighter future.

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Since its establishment in 1970, Harb Electric has always been committed to providing the best international electrical brands and contributing to the development of Beirut, our country’s capital city. The company assumes responsibility towards its acquired products and brands by making sure to implement the strictest safety measures and by holding conferences and seminars for local businesses, companies and working professionals.

Continuous Improvement

Harb Electric is continuously adopting measures to improve its services, products and shops by staying up to date with the latest technologies and electrical equipment. Through the constant revision of the company’s policy and goals, Harb Electric is able to maintain its success in the market, both nationally and globally, incorporate new releases and acquire cutting-edge technological brands. We strive to expand even further with our projects overseas establishing sister companies and maintaining an atmosphere of total customer satisfaction.


Throughout the years, Harb Electric grew from a team of 20 employees to a fleet of over 500 employees working at Harb Electric as well as its sister companies. This growth was achieved through maintaining excellent customer satisfaction and impressive business experience which led the company to grow in order to response to customers’ needs. The company acknowledges the effort of every individual, thanks to whom, we were able to become an internationally renowned company with clients in Lebanon and beyond.


In order to maintain a strong presence in the MENA region, Harb Electric has established many links with sister companies mainly in Lebanon, Qatar, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We believe that building good relationships whether with customers, suppliers or sister companies is a crucial asset for us as it helps us with customer retention and ultimately drives sales growth.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer service team is always ready to respond to any query, complaint or suggestion from any client. We believe that success lies in providing brands and products that always meet and even surpass a customer’s satisfaction. For that reason, Harb Electric maintains a close relationship with its clients to measure their satisfaction, listen to their needs and take action in case of any malfunction.

Harb Electric has always been dedicated to nurturing prosperous relationships with clients, suppliers, and resellers so as to earn people’s trust and establish itself as a credible, reliable, reassuring and knowledgeable source in all matters.
Just as it already has done, Harb Electric’s longterm goals include progressively expanding its presence and influence both locally and regionally. By building new alliances, maintaining its customers’ overall satisfaction and bringing new products, services and innovations to the market.
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