Home Automation in Lebanon, Electrical Control Systems


Our aim is to keep your homes as modern
and practical as possible, for that reason, we
introduce the EIB/KNX system, which is a
decentralized open system to manage and
control electrical devices within a facility, that
is by Lighting control “ON/OFF and Dimming”,
Shutters Control, Air Conditioning Components,
Exhaust fans…

KNX is a standard communication protocol
using a twisted pair cable “KNX Cable” as a
communication bus between the EIB Electrical

A typical EIB network is mainly composed of:

Power supply: The rated power depending on
the number of actuators in the circuit

Communication modules: Used for
conversion from KNX Communication to other
communication types such as serial, USB
Interface, Ethernet, Wireless WIFI…

KNX Cable: Is a data and power cable at the
same time, every component is able to send
commands to other components

Sensors: ON/OFF Switches, Brightness Sensors,
Presence Detectors, Room Thermostats, Touch
Screen, Fire Alarm Sensors…

Actuators: ON/OFF Actuator, Shutter Actuators,
Fan Coil Unit Actuators, Security Actuators



Harb Electric is proud to introduce its
customers to ABB-free@home®, which

transforms your house or apartment into
an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights,
heating, air-conditioning, door communication
or home appliances – comfort, safety and
efficiency can finally be controlled intuitively.
Via a switch on the wall, via voice-control or
remotely with a smartphone, tablet or personal
computer. Also, all functions in the house can
be managed automatically – according to
schedule, sun set or sun rise, temperature and
the presence of people – or be called up at the
touch of a button. And here, every combination
of the various functions is possible.


Welcome M Video Entry Control Systems


We, at Harb Electric, believe that your home is
an expression of yourself. For that reason, we
bring you the ABB Welcome system, where
you won’t compromise impressive style
for innovative technology. For Welcome is
more than just a door video system — it is
the future of home monitoring and security
at your fingertips. ABB Welcome represents
ease in communication, whether it is within
your home, or to the outside world.
ABB Welcome systems offer flexible solutions
for single homes and large residential
complexes. With modular construction and
two-wire technology, it is easy to plan, install and
activate the Welcome system. The two wire bus
technology makes any installation possible to
fully meet the requirements of the user.
ABB Welcome indoor stations are available
in our stores with different sizes, shapes and
colors. As for the outdoor video station, which
is robust and resistant to environmental
influences, it is available in aluminum alloy
brushed and studio white matt.

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